Backend Developer

Resolution Games focuses solely on VR games. We create amazing social games which push the limits of VR.

This is a great chance to become an essential part of a small talented development team, which works in short projects (less than a year). There is also an opportunity to take part in a stock option program.

Resolution Games is a game studio, so naturally we have developers who know how to make great user experiences. Now we're looking for a software engineer whose focus is more towards the back-end stuff that the user doesn't see but that is just as important for us as a company.

We think you are an experienced programmer who is not afraid of the command-line. You have an eye for details and a feeling for quality and stability. You're the one who comes up with tools and solutions that let the whole team work more efficiently, and you're ready to take on anything from profiling code on mobile devices to setting up virtual server clusters. You might work today in a non-game environment, but love to be part of the future of VR games.

Here are some of the things we think you can help us with:

  • Integrating our games with back-end services for analytics, leaderboards, achievements, in-app purchases, etc.
  • Making sure build processes and continuous builds operate smoothly.
  • Adding and updating data analysis for the games.
  • Implementing and tweaking multiplayer and network features.
  • Creating tools that help out with building, testing, programming and creating art assets.

You'll work both in the game code, with different kinds of scripts, and in online services and cloud servers.

You have some of the following skills, is willing to learn the others, and is always on the lookout for better alternatives to these technologies:

  • Unity 3D
  • Photon Engine
  • GNU/Linux
  • SQL
  • BigQuery
  • C#
  • Python

If you happen to know a thing or two about Android and game development, it's even better. Or if you have worked with tools such as Omniata, Mixpanel, Flurry or Google Analytics.

So, come on and join us!

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