Resolution Games focuses solely on VR experiences. We believe that VR is a new frontier in the gaming world and that it can provide truly immersive and innovative gameplay. We will push the limits when it comes to VR and create amazing games that we want to play.

To help us make those amazing games we need more people. People who love games just as we do and who see the possibilities when creating games in VR. People who want to be a part in bringing those games to the masses.

Our office is located in Stockholm, Sweden in an open and friendly office where we value everyone’s input. We seek people who want to be the best in the world! We seek those with a fresh mind filled with new ideas who also have the talent needed to execute those ideas.

We will be working with more or less all VR headsets available so you need to be able to adapt and hopefully you are a multitalent who can do more than just one thing.

We work with industry standard tools such as Unity3D, Photoshop, Maya, and Perforce.