Wonderglade is a carnival-themed game that allows users to magically teleport into a world of wonders to play new takes on traditional carnival games. Daydream, Google's platform for high performance mobile VR, will enable Wonderglade players to experience mobile VR gameplay like never before.

Wonderglade is truly a game that anyone can enjoy and immediately pick up and start having fun with – whether experienced with VR and games or not.

Two of the mini-games that users can play in Wonderglade are Tip N Tilt Racing and Tiny Tee Golf. Tip N Tilt Racing is a fast-paced game where users race against the clock with hilarious ball-shaped animals on a tilt-board maze. Tiny Tee Golf is the VR version of the classic mini golf game, where players aim and shoot with precision using the Daydream controller.

The game will be free and available alongside the launch of Daydream.