FAQ - Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

For PSVR, what to do if my screen turns black after the title screen?
The scene will fade to black when the camera is outside an in-game boundary. You can click the X button on the Move controller or hold down the Start/Option button to reset your position and the issue should be fixed.

What VR headset do I need to play the game?
Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs is currently available on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

To download the game visit:

How do I win a level?
Pop all the pigs by pulling back on the slingshot and hitting them, or knocking down the structures onto them, with your birds.

How do I shoot a bird?
In the VR world, your two controllers become a slingshot and a pointer. At the beginning of a level, a bird will jump into the slingshot. You can move the slingshot freely and also turn it around to take a better look at the bird. Once you move the pointer close to the slingshot, the pointer will change its visual to a dot. You’ll now be able to press the trigger and then move your controller toward you to pull back the slingshot and gain more power for your shot. An arc of white dots shows roughly where the bird will land. Finally, release the trigger to shoot the bird.

What is the white marker on the ground with an arrow pointing down in the level? What should I do with it?
The white marker with an arrow pointing down is a Position Point in the level. You can move between Points to have different views of a level and shoot at different angles. Use your pointer to aim at one of the Position Points and then press the trigger to teleport.

How do I pause the game?
If you’re playing on the Oculus Rift, you can pause the game during a level by clicking the A button on the Touch controller.
If you’re playing on the HTC Vive, you can click the Menu button above the trackpad to bring up the pause menu.

How do I quickly recenter the view?
If you’re playing on the Oculus Rift, you can quickly recenter the view by clicking the B button on the Touch controller, or navigate to Oculus Home by clicking the Oculus button and then click “Reset View” to recenter.

If you’re playing on the HTC Vive, you can click the trackpad to recenter the view, or choose "Reset Seated Position" in the System Dashboard.

How do I activate the special abilities of the yellow, blue and black birds?
The yellow bird, also known as Chuck, will dash forward if you press the trigger while it is in the air. Chuck is very effective against wood. The blue birds, the Blues, will split into three if you press the trigger while the bird is in the air. With the right aiming and timing, the Blues can hit several targets at once. They are also very effective against ice. The black bird, Bomb, can explode and destroy any materials. His ability will be activated once he hits the blocks or the ground, or when you press trigger after flinging him.

Why can't I clear a particular level?
On some levels, the pigs can be better hidden than others. So make sure you teleport between Position Points and look at the level from all directions to find the last pig.

How do I get more stars?
The stars in the scoreboard are connected to the score you get. Destroying more blocks and using fewer birds to win a level will help you achieve a higher score and more stars.

Will my progress be saved?
Yes, the game automatically saves your progress. You’ll see how many stars you got on each level by browsing through the level selection screen. You can also reset the progress in the Settings menu.

How large of an area do I need for an ideal play space?
The game works for seated, standing as well as room scale experiences. There is no minimum space required.

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