Next up: Project U

Out of the 12 documented and currently selected game ideas we are picking the most intriguing few into early production, one is codename Project U. It's still an open field into which we are bringing all of the teams crazy ideas, prototyping, twisting, turning, laughing.

Johnny Donwill

So this guy dove straight into our hearts after our concept team had a character marathon. His story is not yet fleshed out but our guts tells us he has a story to tell. We're also thinking he has a happy-dance that he loves breaking into now and then.


Veggie pod

The floating veggie-grower pod is connected to "the other" side of the universe. 


Crazy Clint

Cray Cray Clint is a somewhat unpredictable guy who possesses an extraordinary set of skillz. He's got big plans. Despite missing more or less all crucial details on how how to reach the goal of those plans, he's determined to get there.


SS Stefano

Obviously you need to move around in the universe and obviously customizable crusader boats are awesome. Yes, they are. SS Stefano has seen lands & oceans you could only dream of.


Samuel Master

The island of Samuel Master provides vast & uncharted space for you to create worlds for yourself and challenges for your friends. Create it, and they will come.